Saving space and time with a mix of standard and custom conveyors at CooperSurgical

Posted by Chris Thompson on Feb 2, 2017 11:22:02 AM

Sometimes it takes a mix of standard conveyors and custom engineered solutions to move product exactly where it needs to be. A recent article in Design World magazine highlights one application we worked on recently that helped CooperSurgical maximize floor space by using a series of overhead conveyors to move product across their facility.

The application uses several of our standard products (all Automation Series conveyors), plus a unique application of our 300 and InnerDrive conveyors that elevates the product from floor level to the overhead line of conveyors. In addition to moving the product, the overhead conveyors serve as storage space, saving CooperSurgical hours each day of moving product in and out of storage.

You can read all about the system at Design World. We've also created a video that shows the entire system in action:


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