New, easier-to-use serial number labels appearing soon

Posted by Chris Thompson on Apr 22, 2014 12:38:06 PM


Starting today, we’re applying new serial number labels to all our conveyors. Each label features a customized QR code for each conveyor that — when scanned with a mobile phone or tablet — takes you directly to the appropriate installation manuals and videos for that product. You’ll also be able to register for our 10 Year Warranty or request replacement part quotes directly from the site.

The labels feature a much larger serial number, which should make them easier to read at a distance, and will now appear twice on each conveyor, making them more accessible, especially in applications where one end of the conveyor is blocked by another machine. They’ll now be found on the drive side of the conveyor frame near the tail as well as in our traditional location below the tracking block opposite the drive.

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