Yes, we do long conveyors, too

Posted by Chris Thompson on Jan 12, 2012 6:54:10 AM

It seems every time we go to a trade show, someone takes a look at all the four- and five-foot-long conveyors in our booth and asks "Do you make any conveyors longer than that?"

Yes, yes we do. And here's the proof.

I walked out into the shop today and found our crews building up an 18" wide by 25' long AS65 Center Drive conveyor and asked if I could take few photos. It took two of us just to roll the conveyor into place for pictures.

This particular conveyor was pushing the maximum length for our Automation Series conveyors, which is 26', but it's quite common for us to build conveyors in the 15-20' range.

At trade shows we tend to use the shorter ones just because they're much easier to move around and show all the features without having to walk someone 20' away. Plus, there's really not much to see but more aluminum and more belt when you start talking about longer conveyors. But, yes, we can and do build them longer and wider on a regular basis.

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