Conveyor Configurator updated with support for past orders, a new look and more

Posted by Chris Thompson on Jul 23, 2012 4:02:00 AM

We've just launched an upgrade to our popular Conveyor Configurator. The new features range from a redesigned home page to the addition of an innovative system for accessing your past orders.

My Orders

With the update, you'll be able to access details on past conveyor orders and immediately create quotes for replacement parts. Under the My Orders section, you can search for past orders based on the PO number or conveyor serial number. You'll see details like the ship date and everything that was ordered, along with the corresponding exploded view drawings.

Expanding an item allows you to see every item on the bill of materials, where you can add any item (from the a whole conveyor down to a single nut) directly to a quote. This allows you to create quotes for re-orders or exactly the right replacement parts with just a few clicks.

New Home Page and Login Screen

We've also redesigned the home page and the login page to be more user-friendly. We've eliminated a few of the extra clicks that it took to begin a new quote by allowing you to choose a series (or learn more about it) directly from the home page. The login page now combines login and registration into a single page.

Give it a try!

These additions are on top of everything else the Configurator offers. A first in the low profile conveyor industry, the QC Industries Conveyor Configurator allows you to configure entire conveyor systems with the help of a rules-based intelligence that ensures every component will work together properly. Once you've configured a conveyor, you can request a quote from your local distributor and download all the 2D and 3D CAD models, specification sheets and exploded views you need to integrate it with your application.

We're very excited about these changes and hope you'll give them a try. Visit to get started today!

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