Tough Love : The Untold Story

Posted by Chris Round on Aug 10, 2011 11:05:22 AM

The Material Handling Wholesaler cover story on family succession was a great profile of our friends at Conveyer & Caster - Equipment for Industry, a material handling distributor in Cleveland. They've been a great distributor of ours for the better part of twenty years, working hand in hand selling our belt conveyors.

There are great stories within the MHW article. The push from their father to cut their teeth somewhere else before coming on board. The sounding board which they bounce business ideas off of each and every quarter and then of course the succession plans that you need to have in place regarding estates, trusts, wills, etc.

But I feel the untold story about this business is the success they've had navigating through tough times over the last few years. Let's not forget Cleveland is smack dab in the middle of the rust belt and we — all of us — are still digging hard during difficult times. According to Department of Numbers, Cleveland has lost 143,000 job since May 2000. So for a company to be having success, making moves to grow and hiring a great staff, I'm telling that story and shining a light on this company.

Knowing Jeff and Trevor now for many years. I was always impressed that their father made them go to work and be successful with other companies first. So thanks to dad for preparing the boys and setting the company up for potential turbulence and of course the work ethic to make success happen. The great part of the untold story is we are living, growing and prospering together with Conveyer & Caster and it is to be continued.

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