Brushless DC Motors for Automation Series Conveyors

Posted by Chris Thompson on Sep 21, 2011 9:56:20 AM

Brushless DC Motor and ControllerOne of the most popular motor options for our Automation Series Conveyors is the versatile brushless DC motor. It's an option we've never offered on any other conveyors.

They are extremely compact motors due to their brushless design and come with a digital operator that can be placed up to 65 feet away. They offer a number of advantages over our standard AC motors, including:

  • Continuous torque at any motor speed from 80–3,000 rpm
  • Accurate speed control with feedback to ensure a constant speed within ±.05% of the set speed (when using the digital controls) even when loads are being added or removed
  • Eight set speeds that can be controlled automatically or manually
  • Speed setting can be controlled using the internal or external potentiometers, the digital operator or by varying the external DC voltage
  • Parallel shaft gearhead that's ideal for stopping, starting and reversing
  • IP65 motor, with an IP65 remote digital operator panel that can be placed up to 15 feet from the controller
  • Multiple alarm and protection modes that prevent you from overpowering the motor

Our brushless DC motors are ideal for applications where you need accurate control of the speed or where a high number of starts and stops are involved. Consult our Sales Department for more information.

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