Featured Distributor: Press Automation, Elkhart, IN

Posted by Chris Round on Feb 5, 2010 12:09:34 PM

John Mellencamp’s song Small Town said it best, “Well I was born in small town, and I live in a small town…”(come on sing along). Although 2009 hit the manufacturing sector hard, Press Automation is making it big in a small town — especially for their customers throughout Indiana and us here at QC Industries.

Elkhart, as we all know is in the heart of Indiana, and so is Press Automation, Inc., an extraordinary company that is making sweet music in a not so easy time to do so. Their lyrics are a bit different though, “Staying close to customers and listening to their needs," said Budd Bowman, General Manager, “and oh yea, good old fashion hard work.” The song must be right as this company stands out as one of QC Industries' top distributors every year and this year will be no different. As I talk to Budd about his business every year you just hear it in his voice, this small town company really cares about their business and their customers.

The family owned business was formed in 1979 by Carol and Don Bowman. Budd, their son is now at the helm and continues to thrive with the dedication of the entire Press Automation crew including the inside support team and the sales staff.

From a manufacturer’s perspective, one line in the song should say something to the effect of “we don’t try and do it all.” They listen to the customer’s needs and align themselves with high quality vendors.

This is a special company, one that probably doesn’t get enough press. They are hardworking, honest and one whose customers and vendors are lucky enough to be very much in harmony with. Sing along everyone, “prob'ly die in a small town, oh those small communities…”

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