Time for Leadership

Posted by Chris Round on Feb 6, 2009 5:32:55 PM

Brad Kuvin, Editor of Metalforming Magazine wrote a very good editorial that should be communicated across all industries, not just in the hard hit metalforming industry. It's a shame sometimes that good writers' messages are only read in one or two industries. One of the benefits of being a conveyor manufacturer is that our product lines are used in almost every industry in manufacturing. And many people from multiple industries read this blog.

So I thought I would pass along this very well written message to a few other industries that may help to ground us and remember we have been there before and now it is time once again for leadership. Many of the companies in the metalforming industry have been hit hard, and these are the times when we need to be better, be different and find a way.

This column rings true for all of us and the message is clear and well written. If you are just now feeling the pinch, look to those who have been hurting for a while and witness their leadership. Brad says, "as with past recessions, our manufacturing companies will reach new levels of productivity growth. This much I know for sure." Brad is one of those leaders, among many in this very important industry!

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