Innovative InnerDrive Solution Featured in Metalforming Magazine

Posted by Chris Thompson on Sep 15, 2009 12:54:27 PM

Metalforming ScreenshotOne of our distributors, TCR Integrated Stamping Systems, recently designed and installed a system for Polaris Industries in Osceola, WI. Their writeup of the solution was featured in the July/August '09 Metalforming Magazine.

To meet the demands of a switch to smaller, more accurate batch sizes at the Polaris plant, TCR designed a system that moved parts out of the press and into small bins using our InnerDrive conveyors. The small bins were queued on another conveyor and moved into place automatically when a new batch was to begin. TCR added sensors to the system that counted the number of parts to ensure an accurate number in each bin.

The three systems they built are on casters and can be moved from press to press by hand as needed. The new system has increased the uptime of the presses as operators no longer need to manually move large bins of parts with fork trucks. Quality has also been increased and rework decreased because operators have more time to inspect parts.

Read the Metalforming article for more information. This video show the system in action:

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