Conveyor System with Custom Transfers

Posted by Chris Thompson on Jul 21, 2009 12:28:26 PM

Side View

We often are asked to develop unique conveyor systems for customers. This particular system is unique in that the project consisted of three tiers. Parts would move in a loop on the lower two tiers and a takeaway conveyor would make up the top tier. Technicians would move the parts from tier to tier by hand as they completed their operations.

The system was based on our 125 Series belt conveyors, but incorporated some custom components and modifications. Due to the extended length of these conveyors, we replaced the standard tail with one that would allow us to add additional tension to the belts. The design was similar to the tail used on our Automation Series conveyors without the Tension Release components. You can see the modification in the photo below, taken during testing in our facility.


Additionally, we built custom transfer plates and a powered roller to help facilitate the turn at each end.


The short video below shows one level of the system in action during testing. As you can see, the parts transfer smoothly from conveyor to conveyor as they move around the loop.

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