ATX East - NY "Excited and nervous"

Posted by Chris Round on May 18, 2009 6:36:45 AM

With the ATX East Automation show just four weeks away, many of us exhibitors and everyone else associated with manufacturing are very interested to see how well that show will be attended. As this year has gone on, some exhibitors have dropped out, however my short list of marketing buddies are all still in and moderately optimistic.

I asked Albert Sabbah, Group Sales Manager for Canon Communications, for his thoughts. "Excited and nervous" were his two quick words of choice. "Since the show is wide spread through many industries from medical to automation to green, really many of the companies are having good years." Albert was quick to show the numbers as well and they are up and down, depending on the show. I quickly summarized and noticed medical (MD&M), packaging (EastPack), and automation (ATX) are good; plastics industry, questionable.

The bundling effect of shows is working to Canon's and our advantage. Let's hope we can say the same come June 12th. Our jobs as marketers, bloggers, buyers, investors, etc. is to help proactively create a victory. Come on everyone, go to this show and buy something. Enough with the nervousness; we want to be excited.

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