The Future of Trade Shows Needs a New Name

Posted by Chris Round on Apr 2, 2007 11:13:34 AM

Canon South ShowsOver the last several weeks I have found myself saying "yes we are exhibiting at SouthPack," only to hear from the other person "do you mean ATX South?" Of course I have to say yes. Then we chat for a minute about the very nice job that Canon Communications has done by buying and bundling all of the shows together.

If you get really good you might be able to say, "Hey I'll see you at the SouthPack, Powder & Bulk Solids, PLASTEC, Design & Manufacturing South, AM Expo, ATX South Show." I wonder if the crew over at Canon has tried to say it three times really fast.

Joking aside I talked to Josh Dome with Canon who said, "...the show is now the most compreshensive advanced design and manufacturing event in the South with more than 600 exhibitors taking 120,000 net square feet." I liked the sound of that, maybe they should go with Design and Manufacturing South Show.

The event will take place April 24–26 in Atlanta and if you have been there in the past you should expect a much better show. Our company sells to every one of the industries that will be represented in Atlanta, so for us it is fantastic. I guess for now I'm OK with the early confusion and lengthy name as long as we and the other exhibitors have a chance to talk to 20,000 people.

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