Assembly Technology Expo is 70% Sold Out a Year in Advance

Posted by Chris Round on Oct 10, 2007 12:09:04 PM

Assembly Technology Expo / National Manufacturing Week LogosHow can a trade show reach one of the largest 200 Trade shows in the US ranked by Tradeshow Week? Apparently it's easy — get bought by Cannon Communications.

Canon Communications continues to launch successful shows and the Assembly Technology, National Manufacturing Week and Quality Expo 2007 show was just another example. When asked at the show I mentioned our success. If you won't take my word for it, why else have 980 or 70% of 1400 exhibitors already signed up to exhibit at next years show? Yes the formula is in place and hopefully with a healthy economy these types of results continue. I must say that with us showing our new InnerDrive and Flextrac conveyors and our new Conveyor Configurator software we were very pleased by those results!

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